The history of the event, and information about the organising group.


So, how did it start?

Paul Hanton (from Facebook Solution Focused in New Zealand page), 5th January 2014.

“Great to meet a couple of you over the holidays, got me wondering how many SF folk there are in NZ, I know a few in Christchurch, a couple in Hamilton and Auckland….maybe a NZ gathering, cheap, some workshops on a Saturday???”

In June 2015 a bunch of us then met up in Napier at Napier Boys’ High School; Wanda Douglas, Brent Gardiner, Rob Silver and Paul Hanton, with Nick Drury on Skype, being ‘virtually’ in the room. We took the decision to be brave and run a one day, not for profit, low cost SF Practice conference in Napier in March of 2016. Rob Silver was the key person for Napier Boys School which hosted the event.

This day was a huge success and we resolved to have another conference in 2017, in Christchurch and the wonderful Cate Walton became our main contact and ‘doer’ there. Another great success and this time a three and a half day set of events: SF 101 on the Tuesday PM, the conference proper on the Wednesday and then two days training from Elliott Connie on the Thursday and Friday.

The 2018 conference again, had international speakers and created a buzz around the ‘Tron’ (Hamilton).  Paul Hanton was the main contact and doer for this event.  Frank Thomas and Kirsten Dierolf came for overseas as main presenters.  David Steare from England and Jody Merelle from Finland also supported us with much appreciated workshops.  With this event, like the previous two, home grown support for other workshops was essential.

2019 was back in Napier.  Another exciting Three and a half days.  For personal reasons we were unable to host our original key-noter and were very grateful to have Elliott Connie back with us.  Again there were excellent workshops, with outstanding local and organising group support in leading these.  It was also great to have Judy Miller back from Canterbury University to lead a workshop.  Bob Manthei and Harry Averill joined us with very different but equally significant introductory presentations for conference.

2020 saw us in the capital city, Wellington. Chris Iveson and Paul Hanton were keynote speakers. A huge success and a clear maturity from some home grown kiwi SF’ers coming through. Suzana Katarina Sagadin joined the organising group as our Wellington contact and organised fantastic food in a great venue, as well as presenting a thought provoking workshop. Conference number 6 in 2022 cannot come quick enough.