This is the homepage of the Aotearoa New Zealand Solution Focused Practice Conference.

The title of the 2019 conference is: 

‘Solution Focused practice, mind health and wellbeing’.


Full conference details to add to your diary.

Where :- Napier Boy’s High School

When :- March 19th, 2019

Time frame:- All day

Cost :- $100 (Including lunch).

Please register for conference by clicking the green button at the top right of every page.


Please also consider leading a workshop.  More info on how to ‘submit your abstract’ on the ‘Speakers’ page and you can submit your abstract here: https://www.sfp.kiwi/submit-your-abstract/


Keynote speaker:

The SF Practice conference organising group is very excited to announce our keynote speaker for 2019 (March 19th in Napier). Chris Iveson from BRIEF has kindly agreed to be our keynote. Chris almost needs no introduction, however, he is one of the three founders of BRIEF, Europe and perhaps the world’s leading SF training organisation since the late 1980’s. An author, a therapist and a thinker. The title of Chris’s keynote is: RADICAL TRUST (or the customer is always right). Solution Focused Practice, mind health and wellbeing.


In addition to this Chris will be running a two day masterclass in SF on 20th and 21st of March in Napier, here is a bit of information about what to expect in: BRUSH UP YOUR BRIEF THERAPY

Bring your skills for a quick polish at this ‘masterclass’ which Chris Iveson has spent over thirty years preparing. Whether a hot-shot brief therapist or entirely new to this weird and wonderful world Chris will walk you through a bunch of micro-skills that will make you long to be back at work. He’ll show recordings that demonstrate how badly you can perform and still be a successful therapist (as well as one or two where he looks almost brilliant!) Be prepared to practice, practice and practice – it’s the only way to learn the craft – and you might even find your life turning a corner as you leave.

Chris Iveson Master Class registration


There will also be a three hour pre conference SF 101 run by Paul Hanton and Rob Silver. Cost :- $30 (if attending Conference), $50 (if not attending Conference). Contact for registration form: RSilver@nbhs.school.nz Please use the downloadable registration form below:

SFP 101 registration Form


We have held three previous conferences on a not for profit basis, 2016 in Napier, 2017 in Christchurch and 2018 in Hamilton.

We will be holding our fourth annual conference on Tuesday 19th March 2019, the theme to be associated with ‘wellbeing’.

Our aims are simple, To run a low cost, easy access conference in order to:

  • Bring together solution focused practitioners and those interested in solution focused practice (in the broadest sense).
  • Share practice.
  • Network.


So, did we achieve our aims? This is some of the feedback we received from our last (Hamilton) conference:

“Excellent, great timing and great content”

“It is great to get together with NZ SF practitioners working with NZ clients in an NZ context.  Thank you again to all the organising team”

“It was very practical and as I relatively new user of solution focused practice it has made me more confident to try”

“Excellent learning thank you, practical steps and advice”

“Awesome day and some really key points to take away and implement into our practice”

“Liked how you had breakout options to choose from, very useful”

“Great pricing which was a big attraction for me as a student, thank you. Learnt lots, appreciate your hard work. :)”

“Great conference/speakers were very engaging/humble with their audience”



We look forward to seeing you again.

The conference organising group are currently (we may add others) five people from different walks of life that use solution focus in their work and want to help others to do so: Cate Walton, Wanda Douglas, Rob Silver, Brent Gardiner, Paul Hanton.